Click here for our Pledge Form for 2021 Christian Stewardship Commitment Form


What is an annual “Fair Share Commitment?”

Each parish of the Antiochian Archdiocese pays 10% of its parish income to assist with the expenses of our bishops, Archdiocesan and Diocesan departments and programs. Over one-fourth of the Archdiocese budget is dedicated to youth programs. You can see two charts that provide the financial highlights of Archdiocese receipts and expenditures provided with this bulletin.

The annual payment to the Archdiocese from St. Michael Church is currently:

$25,758 or 10% or our parish income (excluding contributions received for the Building Fund, charity collections, special Archdiocese collections, and memorial gifts). This money is collected from our parishioners from their first contribution to the church: $50 for each adult and $35 for each child (17 years of age or under) in a household. All additional funds pledged by our parishioners assist with the month-to-month expenses of the parish.

Who is a Pledging Member of St. Michael Church?

Any person or family who is willing to share in the responsibility of Christian stewardship can be a pledging member. Should you desire to join us, please complete the enclosed form and turn it in at the end of the service to our Treasurer, Sondra Love; Comptroller, Mary Ann Coury, or mail it to the church office and to their attention (16643 Vanowen Street; Van Nuys, CA; 91406)

What is the reason for completing an annual parish Pledge Form?

Each year planning for budgeted receipts and expenditures are an important part of being responsible stewards of Christ’s church. Some of our month-to-month expenses include: priest and staff salaries, utility and maintenance expenses, the payment of taxes on all investment (income) property (yes, churches do pay property taxes), and insurance. Moreover, it is not uncommon for these expenses increase each year. It is a goal of our Parish Council to meet these expenses with the contributions of our members. The Pastor does not receive stipends (monetary gifts) for house blessings, baptisms, weddings and funerals if a family is not enrolled with the parish and completed an annual pledge form. The Pastor’s living expenses and allowances are included the Annual Budget of the parish.

What are the “fees” for a Baptism or Wedding?

A couple who is “in good standing” with the church: 1) who is an annual pledging member of St. Michael Church and 2) fulfills their annual “Fair Share” commitment ($50/adult; $35/17 years or under) paid to the Archdiocese, would only be expected to pay a $10 processing fee for a certificate of Baptism or Marriage and to provide the church with an offering at the time of the Sacrament.

A couple or family that has not fulfilled an annual pledge to the parish or payment of their Fair Share commitment would be required to complete an annual pledge form, provide a down payment, and provide a full payment of their annual Fair Share commitment in addition to the $10 fee for a certificate.