Parish Council



V. Rev. Timothy Baclig


  • Kris Thabit, Chair
  • Connie Abdun-Nur Barilla, Vice Chair
  • John G. Khouri, Secretary
  • Julie Bitar, Treasurer

Elected Members:

  • Subdeacon Richard Ajalat
  • Joe Ayoub
  • Regan Hines
  • John G. Khouri
  • Adam Lamar
  • Deacon Andrew Monsue
  • Dan Raju

Appointed Members:

  • Julie Bitar
  • Michael Mitchell

Standing Committee Chairs:

Michael J. Malouf, New Church Project Manager

Eric Nelson, Property Management

Subdeacon Richard Tamoush, Stewardship

Ron Zraick, Building Capital Funds Campaign

Deacon Andrew Monsue, Security and Emergency Managment

Fred Milkie and Don Meena, Golf Classic

Dan Raju, Webmaster

Organization Leaders:

Lila Coudsy, Church School Superintendent

Charmaine Darmour, Antiochian Women

Art Danks, Choir Director

Subdeacon Richard Ajalat, Young Adult 20-40 Group

Cooper Rowe, Youth Director

Brittney Ajalat, Young Parent’s Ministry