Church School

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Godparents:
With summer drawing to a close, we have begun plans for our Youth Program this fall that will include the start of Church School on Sunday, September 13, 2016.  We will begin with the formation of a Youth Choir (grades 4-7) led by Cathy Danks.  The children will gather immediately following Holy Communion to begin learning their first Communion Hymn to be sung at an upcoming Divine Liturgy.  The Hymn of the Holy Cross will also be learned for them to participate in the Procession on Sunday, September 18.
We are encouraged that many of our children are already participating by singing in our services and have become familiar with melodies like the (Troparion) Hymn of the Archangel Michael.  This year, the Feast of our Patron, the Holy Archangel Michael falls on a Sunday (November 18).  It is our hope for them to lead the congregation by singing the Troparion on our Feast Day.  Additional melodies from the Liturgy will be taught by Cathy in the weeks ahead and your support of our goal: to have the children sing at least one song in the service on a given Sunday.


St. Michael Church School Teachers 2015-2016

Grade Teacher
Pre-K/Kindergarten Christine Tarbouche
1st/2nd Marcia O’Dea
3rd/4th Heidi Blair
5th/6th Richard Ajalat
Teens Tania & Fred Milkie


Total Parish Education is the Orthodox vision for Christian education. The children of our parish have been experiencing Christian education in a traditional, 40 minute classroom session after Holy Communion on Sundays for many years. All students, including visitors, from Pre-K to Grade 12, are welcome to join us in our Community Center classrooms after Holy Communion. Classes run from early September through mid June.

This year, families are asked to contribute $25/family to cover the cost of take home materials, plus $20 per student to cover curriculum and supplies.

Special Annual Events

  • Festival Award Presentation – September
  • Nativity Play & Luncheon – December
  • Creative Arts Festival Workshops – March
  • Palm Sunday Workshop – Palm Sunday
  • Empty Tomb Egg Hunt – St. Thomas Sunday

We keep a private Shutterfly account to protect the privacy of the children, to manage volunteers, share pictures and our very active calendar. Parishioners, parents and relatives of the students may request to join the page by going to

Youth Program

While classroom learning offers an important foundation in our faith, we realize that our families need more support and hands on learning to inspire our children to live a life of faith.

This year, we revitalized our approach to youth education with a program to help our youth grow in faith. In our Youth Program, we plan enriching, fun & educational activities for families with children in three age groups: 0-5 years, 6-12 years and 13-18 years.

The monthly theme will be explored in Children’s Sermons, teaching our children to sing hymns of the service, special seasonal events, and reinforced in our classrooms


We rely on parents, grandparents and other supportive parishioners to help us in many ways. If you would like to volunteer, or find out what is needed, please visit